"Is it crazy for me to start my food blog now?"

Why Now?

While relaxing on the sofa one evening this week, I cautiously approached my husband (who also happens to be my biggest fan) with a question that had been heavy on my mind. I was nervous, and my emotional posture was something akin to standing on curled tiptoes when I blurted out in almost a whisper,

“Is it totally crazy for me to start my blog now?”

And then I held my breath. Any other day, I would have expected an enthusiastic, “Why not?” but on this day, in the midst of total global chaos and the bizarre reality that is the COVID-19 crisis, I had my own doubts, let alone imagining his. Would he laugh at me? I mean, seriously, it’s ridiculous to think anyone is interested in my recipes or home ideas with so many serious things on their minds, right?

“No,” he said, very matter-of-factly. “It’s not crazy. Why not do it now?”

Of course, not! I shouldn’t have even asked. In my own defense, I guess I just thought it wasn’t the ideal time. After all, this project has been on my mind and heart for nearly a decade but I hadn’t taken steps toward it. I bought the domain name months ago, and then it sat.

So what is the rush now? I’ve pinned it down to five key reasons, in no particular order:

It helps to feel productive

Like many people in this bizarre new set of circumstances, I’m feeling pretty helpless. It’s easy to believe that nothing I do can make a difference, but friends and loved ones have told me for years that my food is a gift that makes them feel special. Have we ever needed that more than we need it now? With fear and trembling, I’m taking the reins of the power within me to inspire others—through a recipe, a story or a creative idea for making your home a haven. And that alone helps.

Being busy helps distract from the chaos

Checking my news feed 17 times a day during this crisis is bad for my mental health, plain and simple. I can no more ignore this situation than a screaming baby, but I do have the power to choose where I put my focus, and if the end result brings someone comfort and joy, it’ll be time very well spent.

Food is a source of connection

There’s a profound but simple joy to be found in breaking bread together. Every celebration, every new baby, every funeral moves us to respond with food. It’s the simplest way to say, “I care.”

Never a better time to follow your dream

This is unanimous. In all my internet searches of “the best time to pursue your dream,” it’s NOW.

More than ever, we need comfort

While watching a pastor friend hold virtual church Sunday, a peculiar thought came to me: through social distancing, we have ironically rediscovered togetherness. Families are spending time together. Not just in the car, racing to school or the next activity. Not just in a dash through the kitchen to grab a bite of breakfast and exchange information about the needs of the day. People are getting to know their loved ones again, and even if you’re riding out this pandemic alone in your home, this platform can be a community. Creativity will carve a path for human connection.

This blog will be all about elevating the simple joys of your home life—in the kitchen through preparation of a comforting meal, in the cozy spaces of your home where you retreat to decompress, by breathing new life into a beloved family heirloom or perhaps exploring your creativity in a way that brings you closer to your true self.

I’m nervous as hell, and I want this to be perfect, but I know it won’t be. My pictures aren’t perfect, but I have loved ones in my circle to offer photography advice, so I’ll get better. My food isn’t perfect either, but I promise to put my heart into every post, and I hope you will feel it. I want to learn from you, and I want to share my own experiences in a way that may inspire you to add comfort to the everyday things and elevate your happy.

So, here we go! I’ll begin by sharing my basic recipe for Mac and Cheese, one of my all-time favorite comfort foods. While you ponder the gooey cheesiness of that, please let me know, what does the word “comfort” mean to you?

4 thoughts on “Why Now?

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  3. Peg Fithian

    I loved what you penned above.
    You are so right, with all the chaos, uncertainty and upheaval of our “previous” way of living, this blog is a welcome, interesting, informative and downright delicious distraction. Looking forward to trying your recipes, though at times will definitely need your expertise and maybe your presence, possibly virtual, in MY kitchen. Thank you for sharing with ALL of us.


    • Peg, what a great idea! I would LOVE to one day plan some virtual cooking classes. For now, I’m thrilled that you’re enjoying these ideas. Stay tuned, because I’ll be posting a bunch of simple recipes over the next weeks. Looking forward to our next Zoom party! 🙂


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