Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

On Memorial Day weekend this year (the unofficial start of summer), my husband, Les, and I enjoyed a few craft beers at our favorite local brewpub, dreaming up fun things to do for a late-summer vacation. We were hoping to make good on some travel plans that we had to cancel last year, and our decision to drive rather than fly gave us a lot of flexibility for how to spend a week away from home. We knew that we wanted to visit the Northeast, through New York and Connecticut, and we were game for just about anything.

On a whim that afternoon, my husband looked up the concert schedule for one of his favorite Jersey-based bands, and would you believe it? —they were scheduled to play on Labor Day weekend, right at the end of our planned vacation time! Our spontaneous decision to hit the “buy it” button on those tickets turned out to be one of our best moves ever. We counted down the months, weeks and days until our trip, and now the vacation that we had so eagerly anticipated has ended and it feels a bit blurry. The experience of time is an odd thing, and even more so after having spent nearly a year and a half not going anywhere. We are safe at home, exhausted, and still reeling from all the incredible adventures we had over 10 days and across more than 1,800 miles.

During our getaway, which was conveniently timed to coincide with Les’s birthday, we enjoyed visits with family and old friends, made new friends and met a few others face-to-face for the first time, including Bernadette, one of my blogging buddies that I met here on WordPress, and our musician friends, Glenn Alexander and Oria. Those experiences gave me joy that I cannot quite put into words. We also had some of the most incredible food, including pizza at three of America’s top-rated pizzerias and some chicken wings in Connecticut that were, quite frankly, better than any wings I have had from my time near Buffalo. Les and I walked more than 7 miles in one day in NYC, including lunch at Chelsea Market and happy hour at a classic tavern in Greenwich Village, mere days before the record-setting rainfall that wreaked havoc on the city and parts of New Jersey and Long Island, all locations we stayed during our trip. We visited a legendary music venue made famous by Bruce Springsteen, attended a fabulous outdoor concert by a favorite band, and did I mention all the terrific food?

I’m still trying to get my arms around these experiences, and also trying to resume the routines of work-from-home life, and it is a little overwhelming, but I promise more details are coming. Here’s a glimpse of what is to come in the weeks ahead, as I aim to replicate or re-invent some of the culinary experiences we had along the way.

Nearly every leg of our journey was tied in some way to Comfort du Jour, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the many ways starting this blog has changed my life for the good.

We are happy to be home, sleeping in our own bed and loving on our precious pets. It is back to business-as-usual status around here, but not really. This action-packed vacation was a pre-emptive strike against stress, as our kitchen remodel is finally about to begin, so brace yourself for some new posts that will probably be a bit chaotic at times. We still have a lot of pantry items to use up, and Les will be giving me a new “Chopped” basket this evening, and it will be the last one I am able to navigate before the kitchen is dismantled. And then we will have a new adventure, perhaps named “The No-Kitchen Challenge.” Oh, these are the good times!

Thank you, dear reader, for hanging on for the ride. ❤

18 thoughts on “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

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  2. What a wonderful trip! I live in NE but traveled down to the southern part of NJ for our ocean escapade, thankfully before the BIG RAINS, also. Great that you met Bernadette – she’s the reason I’m here meeting you and your beautiful blog. Good luck with the kitchen re-do!

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    • Thank you so much, Pam! Yes, Bernadette is a sweetheart, and I am so glad to have connected with her here on WordPress, and especially in person! I appreciate you checking out my blog, and I hope you find the stories fun and the food delicious! 🙂

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  3. What a fun trip! The photos are awesome, love seeing your perspective and experiences. All the food looks like I need to twist hubbies arm and get him to leave the West coast for a bit.

    That sign made me laugh and cringe at the same time. We have a chef that they feature on TV and he uses that phrase in a very forced Brooklyn accent.

    Looking forward to your nest basket and video 🙂

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    • Hi, friend! 🙂
      Yes, we certainly did make the rounds, didn’t we? I am especially glad that we were able to connect with you, and I look forward to future opportunities to do it again. I got an email yesterday about a pasta-making workshop coming up in NYC; wouldn’t that be a fun way to connect again one day?! I’ll share more about my cooking lesson soon. That happened in the home of family members we visited, and it was a real treat!


  4. Nancy Thompson

    Love this post, Terrie! I enjoyed meeting you, even if it happened at a commuter lot instead of Frankie Pepe’s. Good luck with the kitchen remodel!
    And, in case Mr. Modesty hasn’t mentioned it, Les is the person who made me the writer I turned out to be. My mentor and my friend.

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    • Thanks, Nancy! It was a pleasure meeting you and passing along those plates. I have loved the Garden Harvest pattern for a long time, and I am glad to know they are in good hands. 🙂
      I agree about Les, by the way. He is a terrific writer and editor; he is making me a better writer and he reviews every post I create here on Comfort du Jour. He’s pretty damn good in the kitchen, too. 😉


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