Out With the Old!

Things are getting real over here. Yesterday at exactly 9:16 am, a crew of three guys arrived at our front door, ready to start work on the kitchen remodel we’ve been dreaming about for so many months. And I will admit that on Sunday night, when my husband, Les, and I emptied out the final few things, there was a moment (OK, maybe half a moment), when I felt a little sad.

Not sad to have our project underway, mind you. We are ready after so much planning, and I have been getting a little antsy about the timeline following several delays on delivery of the new cabinets. We were firm about not tearing things out until we knew for sure the new cabinets were delivered and correct. It has been a classic case of “hurry up and wait,” but well worth it because we are investing in American-made products, from the cabinets to the countertops, sink and faucet, and even the new dishes we will be getting to replace the ones you’ve seen so many times in my blog photos.

What made me sad was my reminiscing over some of the things that have happened in this room we are overhauling. All the Thanksgiving meals, Super Bowl parties, family gatherings and romantic meals for just the two of us. Of course, there will be more of all those things when the new kitchen is installed, but not exactly in this same space where our memories as a couple began. It’s bittersweet. I fought hard to hang onto it this week, even baking one last loaf of sourdough bread on Sunday night, mere hours before the crew showed up to tear it down.

Last man standing.

And then, just like that, the feeling passed. Because, yay! A new kitchen!

I was almost too tired to keep standing.

It’s going to be a little wild over here, and for the next week or so, please bear with me as I’ll be focused on the well-being of our pets, who are plenty confused with the state of things. We will be doing a lot of take-out this week, and then I will dive into the new challenge of cooking “kitchen-less.” In between, I have some catching up to do, with recent welcome-to-fall recipes that I’ve made, and more food stories and recipes to bring to the table from our vacation, including an authentic Puerto Rican comfort food dish, a couple of fab pizzas inspired by our visits to the amazing pizzerias in New Haven, Connecticut and (of course) a few fun cocktails that I’m sure you’ll enjoy! Here’s a little taste of what’s to come.

It will be weird to continue seeing and posting pictures showing the kitchen as it was, while at the same time I will be watching the transformation into what it will become—a bright and beautiful, made-in-America kitchen! There will be some frustrations, I’m sure, but we are looking forward to the finished project, and even the extreme kitchenless cooking we will do.   

If you have done a full kitchen remodel, please tell me in the comments, what got you through the rough parts? Because here they come!

Let the games begin!

14 thoughts on “Out With the Old!

  1. Linda

    For me, the hardest part of any remodel project is the disarray. Being an extremely organized person, who prefers order to chaos, I had to be sure I knew where all the important items were, so I could get my hands on them quickly. But, as Bernadette said, wine and pizza (we don’t have a pool) and seeing progress, makes the whole venture ultimately exciting. I was without a kitchen for three months, and I can tell you my husband and I got really tired of eating out.

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    • Amen to that, Linda! I agonized about which items to keep at arms reach, but then I needed them and couldn’t find them even in the final days before the tear-out began. Pretty sure I’ll be able to find the wine bottle opener. If not, I can always buy a screw-top! Haha


  2. Donna Bailey

    I so look forward to seeing the final pictures! On our last remodel, we moved the fridge to DR, hooked up a MW in there, washed dishes in the bathroom, and did a lot of outdoor grilling! Get you some good paper plates for now. You can be more earth friendly when your kitchen is complete! Also rest easy knowing you are supporting local small businesses with take out!

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    • Yes, and we will enjoy supporting them, for sure! Thank goodness we are still in grilling season! We have a dishwashing station in the master bath now, also, so I guess we are doing it right. Can’t wait to share the “after” pictures when it’s all done! 🙂


  3. It’s an exciting time for you!
    We did a complete gut of the kitchen here at the inn 20 years ago. The whole housed needed remodel, but the last to come together was the kitchen because I needed to feel the space. So I set up sawhorses with plywood on top for counters and a table, cooked with a toaster oven and electric frying pan, moved things around, and finally came up with the layout.
    Earlier this year, we purchased a new house up north, half the size of this one, and I’ve gutted the kitchen once again. The good news is that we are not living there this time while the remodel takes place!
    You were really smart in not beginning construction until you had all components in place, right now we are waiting without a firm delivery date, for lots of important components, and because there is such a huge influx of city folks moving to Vermont and doing lots of remodeling, our cabinet maker has a list well ahead of us for our work. We are also using local wood for our project, Vermont marble and soapstone, and anything else we can get from our little state, the rest we are sourcing USA with the exception of my new Aga of course!

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  4. The video was so fun. You should let us know the name of the American made products.
    So many people are committed to buying American. I have done two kitchen remodels and honestly the thing that got me through it was wine, pizza and the snack bar at the pool🤪

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    • Wine and pizza…I’m all in for that! 🙂
      And yes, I will definitely share the names of the companies supplying our materials. The sink and faucet are Kohler, made in Wisconsin. I’ll get more information about the rest of the materials and lay it out when we do the reveal. Thanks for that idea!


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