And the Songbird Keeps Singing…

“We lost another good one today,” was the text I received from my pal, Tony, whom I met during my time in a 9-ball pool league. Tony and I are contemporaries, born in the same era, loving the same music, and generally dealing with the same variety of heartbreak, despite our different backgrounds.

If you have not yet heard, Christine McVie, amazing keyboardist, songwriter and sometimes vocalist for Fleetwood Mac, passed away today at the age of 79.

My husband, Les, and I had the great fortune to see Fleetwood Mac perform in early 2019, with all the expected characters (except Lindsay Buckingham, because there’s always one in every family, right?) and it was seriously one of the best concerts I have experienced, ever. I’ve been to a lot, being a former disc jockey and all.

I remember how my grandmother would lament the passing of bygone-era stars, and now I understand what it means to lose someone whose work has meant so much to you. I guess I’m getting old, but as recently as that show we saw in Charlotte, N.C., Christine McVie didn’t seem to be a fading star.

And this is life, isn’t it? Her music touched my life, and perhaps yours as well. May she Rest In Peace.

12 thoughts on “And the Songbird Keeps Singing…

  1. Hi, Terrie – Thank you for this beautiful tribute highlighting another sad loss. My husband and I have had very similar conversations and you and Les, i.e. “all of these artists we’ve loved are getting to be that age.” This is especially disturbing as many of them are the exact same age that we are now.

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    • Les and I are always saying, “you know, all of these artists we’ve loved are getting to be that age,” yet it still knocks us down to hear when they’ve died. It doesn’t seem real, and I’m thankful for the music they leave behind.

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  2. Andrea

    This is a hard loss. We also say Fleetwood Mac in concert several times and they always were great. Christine’s music was part of so many of our experiences through the years.

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