Pumpkin Spice Tiramisu

A few autumn-themed twists on a classic tiramisu resulted in this dreamy, no-bake dessert that can be made ahead for Thanksgiving. And it’s so easy, I made it without a kitchen!

S’mores Ice Cream

This is how you celebrate National S’mores Day in the middle of August, when it’s too hot to light a campfire—easy, no-egg ice cream with marshmallow and chocolate fudge swirls!

Fuzzy Navel Sorbet

In honor of my younger self, I have found a way to turn a favorite old-school “cocktail” into a fun, summery dessert!

Rhubarb-Berry Crunch

Fresh spring rhubarb is not as plentiful in my area as in my childhood hometown, but this mouthwatering dessert made it worth the search!

Mexican Chocolate Skillet Brownies

For Cinco de Mayo, I’ve transformed a box brownie mix into an epic dessert that honors the indigenous flavors of Mexico, and I’m also sharing a history lesson about this inspiring occasion!

Tequila & Lime Pie

You’re gonna love this frosty, boozy, creamy, no-bake dessert, named in honor of the talented musicians who have saved our Friday nights during the COVID lockdown! Cheers, y’all!

Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake

With a whole lot of chocolate, fair amount of sweetness and just a wee bit of Irish cream, this little no-bake beauty will be a perfect finish on your St. Patrick’s Day feast.

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Brownies

All at once fudgy and nutty, sweet and salty, chewy and crunchy—these easy game day brownies took my “elevate your happy” theme and ran it all the way to the end zone. Game over!

New York Cheesecake with Spiced Cran-Cherry Topping

This turned out to be one of the tastiest and prettiest desserts I have made at home, and the cranberries are making it a festive dessert option through the rest of the holiday season.

My Gram’s Molasses Cookies

I’ve mustered every ounce of courage to tackle this recipe that is so dear to all in my family. At my grandma’s house, these cookies were synonymous with Christmas.

Pumking Ice Cream

Along with pumpkin puree and pumpkin butter, I’ve accented this ice cream with my beloved Pumking ale. It adds intense depth and a slight hoppy flavor that is exactly the right balance to the richness of this custard-based dessert.

Leftover Snickers Brownies with Sea Salt

What in the world am I supposed to do with all this leftover Halloween candy? How about using it to spiff up my favorite brownies—yum!


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