Happy Hour

Mr. Bones and the Harvest Moon

I’m putting a Comfort du Jour twist on a classic New York sour cocktail, bringing in rye, pears and smoked maple, all in celebration of this evening’s “Harvest Moon!”

Run for the Roses 2.0

For a Kentucky Derby held in September, I’ve revamped an old fashioned with a twist of rosemary and smoky pepper. And for the ladies, a Midsummer Solstice gin cocktail that has more roses than the Derby itself.

Basil Gin Gimlet

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. But when life gives you too much basil, make these easy summer cocktails!

The Cool Jerk

It used to be “cool” to order a rum drink with an umbrella, but I’m all grown up now and so is this cocktail. True Jamaican rum and interesting jerk bitters are in my glass today!


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