Pizza Party

If you’re tired of the same old take-out pizzas, find inspiration here for a not-so-conventional pie! My recipes include how-to pictures and a downloadable PDF for your recipe files. Use your own favorite pizza dough, or try my sourdough version: My Real N.Y. Pizza Dough

Queso Fundido Pizza

This pizza represents all the fiesta-fresh flavors of our favorite Mexican restaurant appetizer dip, and it is getting us in the spirit for Cinco de Mayo!

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Kentucky Hot Brown Pizza

I am all about twisting up the classics, and I’m doing it again, moving all the ingredients of the signature Kentucky Derby sandwich off the thick, toasted brioche and onto a thin crust pizza. We have a winner!

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“Big Kahuna” Pizza

The noise and commotion of our roof replacement didn’t stop our Friday night ritual of homemade pizza! This cheesesteak-style pie is our interpretation of a favorite Jersey Mike’s sub.

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Jambalaya Deep-Dish Pizza

What if I put all the incredible flavors of a Louisiana classic—andouille, shrimp, okra and Cajun spices—and put them on a pizza? Happy Mardi Gras!

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Sausage and Eggplant Leftovers Pizza

Not every idea in the kitchen has to be new and interesting, nor should everything be same old, same old. But sometimes, the two collide and become something unexpectedly delicious, as we learned with this pizza.

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Oysters Rockefeller Pizza

Oysters Rockefeller has always been a favorite. So what would happen if I put those decadent, special occasion flavors on a pizza—oh my goodness, yes—why wouldn’t this be a thing?

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White Clam Pizza

Topped with sweet, slightly chewy littleneck clams and accented with fresh oregano, garlic and a copious amount of fluffy shredded Pecorino-Romano cheese, this pizza meets every expectation for a casual meal, but the special ingredients make it perfect for celebrations.

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Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza

We will forever be loyal to the thin crust New York pizza, but this Chicago-style pie was delicious, and we are already dreaming up flavor ideas for the next one.

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Smokehouse Sausage Pizza

I’m shaking up pizza night again, with another non-traditional topping combination, this time with a spicy BBQ base and crispy chunks of smoked beef and pork sausage.

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