Summer Sides

This is the best time of year for gathering with friends for picnics, cookouts or any other kind of backyard party. These are some of my favorite take-along dishes for such occasions. Enjoy!

Smoky Jalapeño Baked Beans

Sometimes it’s OK to take a shortcut. And that’s what I did with this semi-homemade baked bean recipe, which is begging to be part of someone’s July 4th table.

My Favorite Vinaigrette Potato Salad

This summer side is doubly-dressed—first with tangy vinaigrette that soaks all the way through the hot potatoes, then with a slight amount of mayo for a creamy, picnic-ready finish.

Creamy, Crunchy Dijon Cole Slaw

If you’ve never had cole slaw that didn’t water down your entire plate, then this recipe is for you! The easy step of “purging” the moisture from the shredded cabbage is changing the game on this favorite summer salad.

Italian Deli Tortellini Salad

For a big-flavor twist on pasta salad, I let my imagination run wild through an Italian deli case and all the salty, meaty, cheesy flavors one might find there.

Tzatziki Potato Salad

As summer inches toward its end, I have been considering ways to liven up my basic potato salad recipe, and it occurred to me that tzatziki—the bold and zesty, Greek yogurt and cucumber sauce—could be a terrific addition to a potato salad.

Tangy Apple Cole Slaw

My go-to creamy cole slaw gets a tart and tangy update from Granny Smith apple and a specialty vinegar. It’s a perfect side for whatever you’re grilling in these waning days of summer.

Zesty Three Bean Salad

Unlike the so-sweet version I grew up with, this updated salad is zesty with plenty of garlic and fresh herbs. It’s easy to make and perfect for summer picnics!

Orange & Honey-Ginger Fruit Salad

It’s a rare occasion for me to share a “two-ingredient” hack, but this simple twist is so easy and flavorful, you need to try it at least once this summer!


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