On My Plate

Visit for a peek at the latest food (and drink) on my plate. Hit the Recipes page for more fun meal ideas, including some unexpected ice cream flavors and some easy summer sides!

Twice-Grilled Meatloaf

What do you suppose would happen if I took a classic American comfort food like meatloaf and (gasp!) put it on the grill? Pure flavor magic!

“Copycat” Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Chain restaurants are not my thing, but a lunchtime visit two years ago had enough impact on me that I created a “copycat” recipe for the ever-popular lettuce wraps.

Smokehouse Sausage Pizza

I’m shaking up pizza night again, with another non-traditional topping combination, this time with a spicy BBQ base and crispy chunks of smoked beef and pork sausage.

The Cool Jerk

It used to be “cool” to order a rum drink with an umbrella, but I’m all grown up now and so is this cocktail. True Jamaican rum and interesting jerk bitters are in my glass today!