On My Plate

The featured dish on my plate is a flavorful Hot Italian Sausage and Cherry Pepper Pizza. It’s New Haven-style, and it was the first official meal of our new kitchen!

And here’s what else I’ve been cooking…

All-day Tomato Bisque

Of course, you don’t really need to spend all day making this soup, but the long simmer time makes a world of difference in flavor, especially when using fresh garden tomatoes.

Slow Cooker Cuban-style Pork

Halfway through Hispanic Heritage Month, I put my slow cooker to work for this easy, no-fuss version of one of Cuba’s most iconic dishes.

Sourdough Challah Round

The braiding technique is the easiest thing about these loaves, which are enriched with eggs, citrus-scented olive oil and sweet honey. The recipe takes time, but the reward is as sweet as my wish for you in the Jewish New Year.

Brie & Mushroom-stuffed Meatloaf

And if that doesn’t sound rich and comforting enough, let’s lay it down on a spoonful of French onion pan gravy. Aren’t you glad it’s the first day of fall?

Mexican Street Corn Guacamole

This flavorful twist on a classic guacamole is best made with an ancient culinary tool called a molcajete, but we can all thank Kenji López-Alt for an easy workaround with exceptional results!

Miraculous Mayo Marinade

Every now and again, a technique comes along and surprises me, upsetting everything I thought I knew about cooking. This is one of those techniques, and it’s so simple!

Pompatus of Love

True, peaches don’t grow on shrubs, but this delightful bourbon cocktail gets most of its personality from a peach “shrub” that’s so easy to make, I’m wondering why I never tried it before.

Hungry for more?

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