On My Plate

The featured dish on my plate is Tequila & Lime Pie! It’s refreshing, cool, boozy and creamy, and its name is a tribute to our musical friends, Glenn Alexander and Oria! Cheers!

Sourdough Pumpkin Spice Waffles

If you have never tried them, sourdough waffles are the best thing going—with delicate, crispy exterior and soft, fluffy goodness on the inside. And the pumpkin spice flavors are making these perfect for Better Breakfast Month!

Homemade Giardiniera

A homemade giardiniera is not only more flavorful, but also far crunchier than the jarred versions. My choice of ingredients this time gave me a colorful surprise!

Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna

I’m celebrating the first day of autumn with one of my favorite fall-inspired recipes. The layers of flavor are worth the time and effort on this one!

Easy Puff Pastry Pinwheels

This recipe is simple to make because it relies on store-bought puff pastry, but it has a little bit of “wow” factor, thanks to a pretty shaping method that is very easy to do.

Mexican Street Corn Hash and Eggs

I’m bringing a spicy taste of Mexico to the table for Better Breakfast Month, featuring a chorizo and potato hash with all the yumminess of roasted Mexican street corn, a crispy-edged sunny egg and cool, creamy avocado.

Italian Deli Tortellini Salad

For a big-flavor twist on pasta salad, I let my imagination run wild through an Italian deli case and all the salty, meaty, cheesy flavors one might find there.

No-Guilt “Alfredo”

A creamy, sumptuous “Alfredo” sauce with none of the guilt associated with eating tons of cream and cheese? How is this even possible?

Easy Chicken Souvlaki

The ingredients for this Greek-American staple are simple, and the preparation is, too! Keep it authentic with a side of tangy tzatziki.

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