On My Plate

The featured dish on my plate is a these bright and flavorful Tequila & Lime Tuna Tacos, a perfect light bite for spring and so easy on the grill, indoors or out!

And here’s what else I’ve been cooking…

Tequila & Lime Tuna Tacos

A simple marinade gives the fresh tuna in these colorful tacos a bright punch of flavor, and the grilling happens in a snap, even indoors!

Queso Fundido Potato Skins

If you need a hearty snack for March Madness viewing, consider it done with these zesty Mexican-inspired potato skins, filled with queso, chorizo, roasted corn and jalapenos!


Let the good times roll with this strong rye whiskey drink that is the official cocktail of New Orleans!

Bacon & Bourbon Waffles

Ditch the boring pancakes and shake up Shrove Tuesday with these sourdough waffles, accented with bacon and bourbon from the inside out!

My Chicken Marsala

My spin on this Italian classic dish includes a couple of time-saving shortcuts. It’s delicious and comforting, but still manages to be elegant and sophisticated.

Handmade Beet Ravioli Hearts 💕

Handmade pasta is a labor of love, and so rewarding! I’ve used roasted beets to create a lovely pink dough for ravioli. 💕 Happy Valentine’s Day!

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