On My Plate

Just South of Buffalo Wings

I’ve found the secret to crispy but juicy chicken wings, without the fat of deep frying and without the expense and mess of an air fryer. I’m gonna make these again this weekend!

Chunky Bleu Cheese Dressing

If you aren’t making your own salad dressings, you’re missing out on a simple joy and a world of flavor. My homemade bleu cheese is creamy and luscious, packing plenty of chunky funky goodness.

Harvest Turkey Salad

For this fall harvest-themed salad, I’m making the most of turkey leftovers in a bright new way. It has a variety of interesting flavors and textures, dressed with a mouthwatering citrus-maple vinaigrette.

Leftover Turkey Gumbo

This gumbo is helping me clear out the fridge! It has heat, smoke, chunky vegetables and an all-day simmer, and that’s covering all the bases for my post-holiday cravings.

Spiced Pumpkin Hummus

I’m showing some respect for the savory side of pumpkin, with this fast, easy-to-make spiced hummus that is destined for our own Thanksgiving “pre-feast” table.

Pom-Pom-Hattan (Thanksgiving Cocktail)

When we host Thanksgiving, we enjoy welcoming guests with a “signature” cocktail. This year’s drink has all the warmth of the season, with a double dose of pomegranate and a pretty but simple cinnamon swizzle garnish.

Pumpkin Chipotle Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are a great blank canvas for any favorite flavor, and this time, it’s the savory side of pumpkin, highlighted with garlic and chipotle.

Sausage Stuffed Turkey Meatloaf (& “faboo” mushroom gravy)

Here I go again, twisting up a classic to put the best flavors of Thanksgiving on the table with minimal stress. If you’re looking for a way to simplify your homemade holiday dinner, but still have your favorite turkey, sausage stuffing and gravy combo, this might be the best thing you read all day.

Sassy Succotash

Butternut squash and poblano peppers add a sassy edge to this southern classic side dish. It’s colorful, packed with healthful ingredients, and a little bit of crispy bacon on top, just because.

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