Happy Hour

Pom-Pom-Hattan (Thanksgiving Cocktail)

When we host Thanksgiving, we enjoy welcoming guests with a “signature” cocktail. This year’s drink has all the warmth of the season, with a double dose of pomegranate and a pretty but simple cinnamon swizzle garnish.

Spinach Balls with Roasted Red Pepper Sauce

I’ve convinced my wonderful husband to do a guest post today, and he’s sharing one of my favorite all-time recipes. This one is on our Thanksgiving appetizer table every year!

Autumn at the Beach Sangria

I found a way to marry tropical beachy flavors with the warm spices of autumn in this sangria. It has nothing to do with Halloween, but it did help us scare away some of the troubles of 2020!

Rosemary’s Baby (a scary Halloween cocktail)

This fiery red cocktail has everything you need for a spooky Halloween drink—it’s full of smoke, earth, heat and funk. Mezcal is the devilishly addictive spirit in this one. Don’t let it give you nightmares!

My Favorite Candy Bar Cocktail

This Snickers-inspired cocktail is my grown up way of enjoying the candy I loved so much when I was a kid. It’s the first in my series of Halloween-themed cocktails coming at you this week.

Mr. Bones and the Harvest Moon

I’m putting a Comfort du Jour twist on a classic New York sour cocktail, bringing in rye, pears and smoked maple, all in celebration of this evening’s “Harvest Moon!”

Run for the Roses 2.0

For a Kentucky Derby held in September, I’ve revamped an old fashioned with a twist of rosemary and smoky pepper. And for the ladies, a Midsummer Solstice gin cocktail that has more roses than the Derby itself.


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