Happy Hour

Whether you are meeting friends by zoom, or face-to-face in the backyard, you don’t have to settle for less than satisfying snacks and drinks. Scroll for some of my fun bar creations and get the recipes for easy, make-ahead “shareable” bites.

Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail

As mild or zesty as you want it to be, this is a simple way to elevate the “old school” appetizer for modern holiday entertaining.

Hot Artichoke-Cheddar Dip

In my crazy fun catering days, we had so many holiday orders for this delicious dip, we made enough to fill a bathtub. But this scaled-down, slightly modified version is perfect for a small gathering at home.

Long Live the King! (a bourbon cocktail)

Most people come home from vacation with souvenirs, but I come home with recipes! This cocktail is my version of a drink my husband and I enjoyed during our end-of-summer trip through New Jersey.

Thai Basil Julep

We are days away from the Kentucky Derby, and I’m putting a global twist on the classic signature drink. It’s refreshing and just a little bit different. In other words, it’s Comfort du Jour!

Smoked Maple Old Fashioned

“Friday Night” is one of the things that has helped us get through COVID lockdown, and this is what it tastes like at our house!

Chocolate-Covered Cherry Old Fashioned

This riff on a classic rocks drink replicates the decadent experience of a luxurious cordial cherry, combining the sweetness of cherry and the romance of Valentine’s Day chocolate with your favorite bourbon.

Dirty Martini Deviled Eggs

The savory flavors of a dirty martini are delicious in a chilled glass, so why wouldn’t they also be great in this two-bite appetizer? And that’s how we discovered a new favorite.

Buffalo Deviled Eggs with Bleu Cheese

For our downsized Super Bowl party, I channeled all the flavors of my beloved Buffalo wings into another comfort food classic, and in so doing, begged the question, which came first?

O, Bring Us a Figgy Bourbon!

Just in time for Christmas, I’m offering my cocktail interpretation of the figgy pudding, a traditional boozy Christmas treat that has been popular for centuries in the land of my father’s people. Enjoy!

My Dad’s Homemade Irish Creme

Here’s a little something that makes the holiday season complete at our house. My dad started the tradition of homemade Irish cream several years ago, and it’ll have you asking, “Bailey, who?”

Pom-Pom-Hattan (Thanksgiving Cocktail)

When we host Thanksgiving, we enjoy welcoming guests with a “signature” cocktail. This year’s drink has all the warmth of the season, with a double dose of pomegranate and a pretty but simple cinnamon swizzle garnish.

Autumn at the Beach Sangria

I found a way to marry tropical beachy flavors with the warm spices of autumn in this sangria. It has nothing to do with Halloween, but it did help us scare away some of the troubles of 2020!

Rosemary’s Baby (a scary Halloween cocktail)

This fiery red cocktail has everything you need for a spooky Halloween drink—it’s full of smoke, earth, heat and funk. Mezcal is the devilishly addictive spirit in this one. Don’t let it give you nightmares!


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