My Favorite Candy Bar Cocktail

This Snickers-inspired cocktail is my grown up way of enjoying the candy I loved so much when I was a kid. It’s the first in my series of Halloween-themed cocktails coming at you this week.

The Best Bread Pudding

In honor of what would have been my Gram’s 99th birthday, I’m sharing her recipe for the most wonderful bread pudding. She would say, “adjust it any way you like!”

Chicken Cacciatore

My Nonna always used to say… oh, wait, I never had an Italian grandmother! But with a little research and good ingredients, anyone can rock a classic Italian comfort food.

Mahi Hemingway

I’m showing you how easy it can be to re-create a favorite restaurant seafood pasta dish at home, enjoying all the same flavors (and the upscale presentation) at a fraction of the price!

My Favorite PB&J

Everybody knows about the simple joy of PB&J, but my family has always employed a fun twist that makes this childhood favorite something much more memorable.

Autumn Weekend Brunch

Arrival of the new season is cause for celebration, and I’m going way over the top with a French toast recipe that deserves to be on your table this first weekend of fall!

Sourdough Pumpkin Challah (a bread maker’s journey)

When I set out in 2011 to learn the terrifying skill of bread making, my primary goal was to have the welcoming aroma waft out of my oven and throughout the house. Who doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked bread? My first few attempts were pretty confused, with some downright inedible, but also with … Read More


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