Sunday Supper

Those meals that take a little longer to prepare and develop flavor over time, building anticipation until it’s finally time to eat, these are the meals I call Sunday Supper. Can you taste the love? ❤

Slow Cooker Cuban-style Pork

Halfway through Hispanic Heritage Month, I put my slow cooker to work for this easy, no-fuss version of one of Cuba’s most iconic dishes.

Brie & Mushroom-stuffed Meatloaf

And if that doesn’t sound rich and comforting enough, let’s lay it down on a spoonful of French onion pan gravy. Aren’t you glad it’s the first day of fall?

Lentil Mushroom Wellington

This beautiful, tasty main dish brings so much big Thanksgiving flavor to the table, it’s hard to believe that it’s entirely plant-based!

Authentic Arroz con Pollo

A recipe is “authentic” when it is handed down from someone who is native to the culture of the recipe. This one is from Puerto Rico, by way of my husband’s cousin’s husband. In other words—family. Enjoy!

Roasted Butternut Squash Lasagna

I’m celebrating the first day of autumn with one of my favorite fall-inspired recipes. The layers of flavor are worth the time and effort on this one!


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