Pizza Party

If you’re tired of the same old take-out pizzas, find inspiration here for a not-so-conventional pie! My recipes include how-to pictures and a downloadable PDF for your recipe files. Use your own favorite pizza dough, or try my sourdough version: My Real N.Y. Pizza Dough

Eggplant Parm Pizza!

This pie was fun to make, and a delicious marriage of two of our favorite classic Italian comfort foods!

Zucchini & Yellow Tomato Pizza

As my summer squash takes its final bow, the tomatoes are right on cue for center stage, and they were terrific companions on this fresh pizza. I just love this part of summer!

Steak & Potato Pizza

Every bite of this unconventional pizza reminds me of a real steakhouse dinner, but without the outrageous menu prices and the uncomfortably full belly.

Hot Italian Sausage & Cherry Pepper Pizza

After a personal, VIP-style tour of a world-class pizzeria in New Haven, Connecticut, I came home feeling pretty good about what I’m getting right making pizzas at home!

New Haven-style Fresh Tomato Pizza

For all the times I have claimed victory in the challenge to make homemade pizza that rivals my husband’s memory of his beloved N.Y.-style pizza, I stand corrected.

Ultimate Thanksgiving Leftover Pizza

If you’re looking for a new way to rearrange the Thanksgiving leftovers, how about throwing them all onto one magnificent, deep-dish pizza? It’s the best of the meal in one bite!

My Big Fat Greek Pizza

This Greek-inspired pizza is delivering all the bold, fresh flavors I love—spinach, onions, feta, Kalamata olives and tzatziki—it’s my own private Greek festival!. Opa!!!

Queso Fundido Pizza

This pizza represents all the fiesta-fresh flavors of our favorite Mexican restaurant appetizer dip, and it is getting us in the spirit for Cinco de Mayo!


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